DADM General Meeting 2020

13. December 2019 10:12 by Lene Haastrup in
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Dear All,

Announcement/registration for the DADM General Meeting 2020 is now available!

The meeting will be held on the 26-Feb-2020 from 15:30-17:30. Hereafter we will go for dinner at a restaurant in Valby.

Meeting venue: Lundbeck A/S, Ottiliavej 9, 2500 Valby

The focus of this event will be New Data Review approaches in DM
General Meeting – (45 mins)
1. Election of chairman
2. The President’s report
3. Presentation and approval of financial report
4. Presentation and approval of budget and activities including endorsement of membership fee
5. Election of Executive Officers, Alternating Officers, and Auditor
6. Correction of §4 in the regulations to resemble decision on general meeting 2017
7. Proposed motions
8. Miscellaneous

• Break (15 mins)
9. Topic of the evening:
>> Jesper Kjær, Director of DM Process & Innovation at Novo Nordisk:
New Data Review approaches in DM - Demo of Audit Trail Review (QlikSense)


Wishing you a happy New Year,

DADM Board