General Meeting Minutes 2021

27. February 2021 15:43 by Lene Haastrup in General


 DADM_General_Meeting_minutes_2021.doc (178.50 kb)


Answer from eClinical Solutions from the presentation:

  There was a question in the Teams Chat from Mette Ravn:

 ‘Do you have any thoughts about the Schrems II EU judgement (GDPR dilemma), not allowed in EU, using US cloud providers, that you could share?’


I asked eCS legal/regulatory about this and like with a lot of these types of topics related to data privacy, the picture can be a little murky and changes in line with the ever changing regulatory picture.  I thought I would share with you what they responded with.  Feel free to share with Mette and the wider group if they are interested in this response!


eClinical Solutions complies with all applicable data privacy laws.  We partner with our clients to understand the types, categories and flow of data with the expectation that the Data Controller is in the best position to know and identify where their data is coming from.  While eClinical Solutions is EU and Swiss Privacy Shield Certified, understanding the current unknown future of Privacy Shield, we also enter into Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) and other legal transfer mechanisms to ensure continued compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  eClinical Solutions works with our clients to identify and adopt any required supplementary measures and continues to monitor changes to the fluid data privacy and security landscape with internal and external resources.

DADM_General_Meeting_minutes_2021.doc (178.50 kb)