General meeting DADM 10th February 2022

21. February 2022 17:13 by Lene Haastrup in


General meeting DADM 10th February 2022








The General meeting was held as a Teams online meeting with participation of 22 people and the meeting was furthermore recorded.




Conductor: Claus Koch Ullmann


Reporter: Gitte Kruse             




The notice for the general meeting have been send out in a timely manner according to the valid regulation.




President report


Katja Bernstein went through the annual report and informed of all the activities during 2021.  The President report was hereafter approved.




Financial report 2021


The financial result was presented by the cashier Lene Haastrup and was hereafter approved without any comments.




Budget 2022


The budget was presented by the cashier and membership fee suggested to be the same as for 2020, 350 kr. per person.


A calculation error of 51000 was unfortunately discovered during the presentation, but it was mentioned and will be corrected and hereafter the budget was approved.




Election of executive committee


Lene Haastrup did not want to continue in the executive committee and discontinued therefore her work as cashier. Thank you very much to Lene for her contribution to the group.




The executive committee as it looks after election is listed below. A few committee members were replaced per request.




  • Katja Bernstein (not on election)
  • Gitte Kruse (not on election)
  • Kim Sonne (not on election)
  • Britt Bech Andersen (re-elected for 2 year)
  • Frank Jensen (re-elected for 2 year)
  • Mette Ravn (re-elected for 2 years)
  • Poul Knoblauch (re-elected for 2 years)
  • Birgitte Olai Milhøj (elected for 1 year to take over Lenes seat in the board)
  • Mette Schledermann Larsen (altenating officer)




  • Anders Mortin was again selected as auditor.




Proposed motions








The executive committee will be consolidated on the next committee meeting.






  • Ibrahim offered to make a presentation regarding handling of imaging / genomics in connection with big data