General Meeting 2018

29. January 2018 08:56 by Ibrahim Kamstrup-Akkaoui in

Dear All,

Thanks for your participation and contribution to the General Meeting 2018.

We believe that this was another succesful and informative event for our members. After the exciting election of the DADM Board, we look much forward to be collaborating with our new member, Peter Aabenhus from Lundbeck.

We would also like to thank the presenters from, Novo Nordisk and Ferring for sharing their tools and thoughts around GDPR and RBM.

Please find the minutes from the meeting attached.

Best regards,

DADM Board

DADM_Generalforsamling_referat_2018.doc (41.00 kb)

DADM Conference 2017 Presentations

28. August 2017 09:28 by Ibrahim Kamstrup-Akkaoui in

Dear All,

Thanks for your active participation in the conference and hope that it lived up to your expectations.

Please find most of the presentations from the conference below.

Best regards,

DADM Board


DADM_Coding_at_Novo_Nordisk.pdf (312.49 kb)

DADM_coding_lundbeck.pdf (1.20 mb)

DADM_Data_Integrity.pdf (612.90 kb)

DADM_EHR_to_EDC_Integration_From_Concept_to_Reality.pdf (1.94 mb)

DADM_GDPR.pdf (1.08 mb)

DADM_Omnicom_paper.pdf (3.21 mb)

DADM_Innovation_and_DM_through_the_Crystal_Ball.pdf (1.71 mb)

DADM Conference 22-AUG-2017

12. June 2017 16:08 by Ibrahim Kamstrup-Akkaoui in Conference

Dear All,

It is a great pleasure to be able to invite you to an exciting event, with national and internationel topic experts (sign-up form is below the program). Thanks for all your great input on topics!


Please sign up immediately and no later than 23-JUN-2017, so that we can arrange the practicalities. Conference including dinner is at a cost of 150 DKK per attendee.


DADM Conference 22 Aug 2017


H. Lundbeck A/S
Ottiliavej 9
2500 Valby


Katja Bernstein

Payment 150,-

Account number

1551 7952110490 (Danske Bank)


Lene Haastrup (treasurer)




8.30 – 09.00



9.00 – 10.30

Coding – Approaches/issues


Kirsten Sanggaard, Principal Safety Scientist

Novo Nordisk,

Ajser Serif & Mette Pedersen, Med. Coding Experts


Claus K. Ullman, Principal Data Manager

10.45 -11.45    

Principles for blinding
of clinical trials
at Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk, Rikke Riisbro, Head of DM Anchor


11.45 – 12.30



12.30 – 13.15

Data integrity

Larix, Majbritt Haugaard Møller, System Validation Expert & Mette Ravn, VP of DM, IT & System Validation

13.30 – 14.00

GDPR - Global Data Protection Regulation

Ferring, Omar Hamidi, Clinical Project Data Manager

14.00 – 14.15

Coffee break


14.15 – 15.00

eInformed Consent/eSource/Direct data entry

EHR as eSource in Clinical Trials – From Concept to Reality

OmniComm, Ken Light, EVP of Corporate Strategy

15.15 – 16.30

Innovation and DM through the crystal ball

ICON, Marie McCarthy, Director of Product Innovation, Information Technology

17.30 -

Dinner (self-transport)


Looking forward to see you at the event,

DADM Board

General Meeting 2017 - Meeting Materials

24. February 2017 14:05 by Ibrahim Kamstrup-Akkaoui in


Dear All,

It was great to see so many attendees at the meeting+dinner and special thanks to Anders Mortin from Triticon ApS for a good and insightful presentation on Risk Based Monitoring.

Please find the meeting materials attached.

Kind regards,

DADM Board

General_Meeting_minutes_DADM_2017.doc (39.00 kb)

DADM_GF2017.ppt (1.45 mb)

TriTiCon_Anders_Mortin_RBM_for_DM_DADM_25Jan2017.pdf (3.67 mb)

Suggested_CDM_Risk_Monitoring_and_Data_Review.xlsx (13.99 kb)

Central_Monitoring_Tool_Categories.xlsx (14.68 kb)

General Meeting 2017

8. September 2016 13:21 by Ibrahim Kamstrup-Akkaoui in Meetings

Dear All,


Announcement/registration for the DADM General Meeting 2017 - will be held on the 25-Jan-2017 from 15:00-17:30. Hereafter we invite you for dinner at Rungsted Havn.


Venue: ALK, Bøge Alle 1, Reception, 2970 Hørsholm


15:00 Welcome & General Meeting. Agenda:

1.        Election of chairman

2.        The President’s report

3.        Presentation and approval of financial report

4.        Update of the declaration (Document attached below and changes highlighted in red)

4.        Presentation and approval of budget and activities including endorsement of membership fee

5.        Election of Treasurer, Executive Officers, Alternating Officers, and Auditor

6.        Proposed motions

           - Suggestion from DADM Board to pay President & Treasurer roles (e.g. 2000 DKK/year), as there is a lot of administration associated to these roles.

7.        Miscellaneous

16:00 RBM - Risk-based monitoring

  • Define/interpret the key RBM concepts in CDM terminology and context
  • RBM areas and activities along the study process – map to CDM responsibilities and tasks
  • Present a suggested CDM checklist for RBM: Where to look, how to look, what to do


17:30 Off for dinner/See you later 


Best regards,

DADM Board

Declaration.docx (20.88 kb)