Dansk Forening for Data Management

Welcome to the new DADM member portal

DADM was founded 3rd May 2001 as a person based association. One of the main reasons for starting the association was that only SCDM and ACDM existed, but nothing locally based in Denmark. 

Through meetings, seminars, courses and GCP training, DADM have in the past and will create a forum for knowledge sharing within clinical data management. The association will collaborate with other organizations with similar interests.

If you would like to become a member of the association, please send an email to the DADM board dadm@dadm.dk

 Focus groups

If you are interested in joining any of the focus groups please reach out to the main contact person

Theme Main contact person Description
Audit Trail Review

Jennifer Nielsen jnni@lundbeck.com

Will be updated
Sponsor Oversight

Katja Bernstein

Will be updated

Frank Jensen

This focus group on handling eCOA data will focus on exchanging experience on how we handle eCOA data and how this is different to the way we handle EDC data, and what we do to meet the outside requirements on these data.

Board Members

Chairman Katja Bernstein, Lundbeck
Cashier Poul Knoblauch, Genmab
Cashier trainee Britt Bech Andersen, BBA Data Consult 
Referent Gitte Kruse, ALK  
Committee Member Frank Jensen, Novo Nordisk
Committee Member Mette Ravn, DataCareConsulting ApS 
Committee Member Birgitte Milhøj, Leo Pharma
Committee Member Kim Sonne, ALK
Committee Substitute Mette Schledermann Larsen, Novo Nordisk

The board can be contacted via dadm@dadm.dk 

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